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Celebrate the Spirit of the times this Zday with Zeitgeist PDX, as we reflect on community activism this past year and into the future!

Join us on Sunday, March 4th starting at noon for presentations, discussions, information tables, videos, music and refreshments!

It's 2012, What are you going to make of it? sticky icon

Zday 2012

Here it is, 2012 already!

Zday global is in Vancouver BC this year. Closer then ever and probably the closest that it will be for a good long time. This is a great opportunity chapter supporters to head north in March.

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Tom McCall Waterfront Park


Portland Zeitgeist Media Festival! sticky icon

The festival was simply amazing. The Musician and Artists showed off their massive talent and lent it to raising food and money to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.

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As this was our first annual event, we can only expect to have a more successful event next year. Please enjoy some photos and even some audio recordings below.

Fun in the Sun! - Earthday Tabling - April 23rd sticky icon

A big thank you to the volunteers and those who stopped by and said hello to us at Earthday!


It was an amazing day in so many ways! Great weather and a great turnout at the festival. It was inspiring to talk with so many people who were responsive to our message and interested in getting involved. I expect to see many new faces in meetings to come. How exciting!


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Some photos of the event::

How about Media Festival 2012????

Are we going to do another media festival this year??? I understand the one last year was a great success.  Who is interested in being involved in a 2012 Zeitgeist Media Festival???  Could we put a meeting together to discuss what a 2012 Media Festival would look like and if and how we could coordinate it with the Main Event??  I think one of the best ways for the Zeitgeist Movement to expand its influence is through these media festivals.   

Is Anonymous About to Take On The Fed?

It sure looks that way, according to this video -

Here's their facebook

Spread it far, spread it fast.  Let's see how quickly we can mobilize!  Any guesses as to how little coverage this will get in the mainstream media?

Artivist Film Festival in Seattle July 8th - 10th

Artivist Logo

The Seattle Zeitgeist Chapter is preparing to host the Artivist Film Festival! This year the Artivist Film Festival will be coming to 8 cities across the US; Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Sedona, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and they are thrilled to have been asked to produce the Film Festival in Seattle!

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