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Poster for Z-Day 2011?

I'd like to print 11x17 versions of the PDX ZDay poster to post around my neighborhood and University. Is there a large version of the posters anywhere online for this purpose?



Need Items for Ethanol Production

Meet with Stan & Manny today about alternative fuels . I am Looking for a free to very cheap wood stove and some used waterheaters . The small short water heaters would work best.This kind of stuff is thrown away everday in this town , people often pay to have it taken away . Also any copper tubing would be useful . Thanks , trusting that the great white spirit meets these needs .  Darrel 503-643-2497

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward - Portland Screenings Recap

What a blast!

I must thank everyone who helped organize, promote and of course attended these screenings! Over 280 people saw the movie on the big screen!
I hope that all of you who sat through the BITTER COLD in that theater enjoyed the movie as much as I did. The survey returns seem to indicate a very positive response!
Thank you all again for an unprecedented international release!

New member outside of Portland area.

I am new to the Zeitgeist movement, but
not new to Zeitgeist. My name is Zachary Hahn from all over Oregon
but currently in Roseburg. I am curious on how i can become more
involved.  What information is offered aside from the films, and
what can i do personally to contribute in my own community.  I

Zday 2010 - Archive Page

ZDAY 2010
- Thank You Portland!


Opening Music by The Homesick

Host Speaker: Russell Holzinger

Keynote Speaker: Sharif Abdullah


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