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Outreach Team

Outreach is the promotion of the ideas of The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement. This is accomplished by attending a no-pressure venue for the distribution of materials and information in the local community.

Event Outreach is the same promotion on a slighty larger scale held at events in solidarity to our cause.

December Monthly Meeting

Saturday Market (TBD)
The December Monthly meeting will not be held on the second Tuesday as usual. Instead, lets meet somewhere close to Saturday Market or on the MAX line. This will give a us a chance to meet everyone and talk a little bit and then do a little promotion at the Market and maybe make a trip to Pioneer Square and/or the Park Blocks.

We will have plenty of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Flyers to go around and Addendum DVDs to give out as well. I hope you can make it!

Saturday Outreach + Rally to Restore Sanity

Waterfront South or Saturday Market at about Ash Street

With the Rally to Restore Sanity and Saturday Market going on in a close proximity, we will have a great opportunity to talk with people and give out some DVDs and flyers. We also need to have a planning meeting to get rolling on screenings. If you want to be involved in this outreach or this planning meet us downtown on Saturday!


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