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Community Team

Community Z is responsible for promoting, nuturing and engaging the Z-PDX group at large. This is accomplished through the use of a website, social media and newsletter to maintain a cohesive group who is encouraged to participate.

How about Media Festival 2012????

Are we going to do another media festival this year??? I understand the one last year was a great success.  Who is interested in being involved in a 2012 Zeitgeist Media Festival???  Could we put a meeting together to discuss what a 2012 Media Festival would look like and if and how we could coordinate it with the Main Event??  I think one of the best ways for the Zeitgeist Movement to expand its influence is through these media festivals.   

Monthly Meeting - February 2011

1515 SE Water, Portland, OR 97214

This will be the first open meeting after our Z:MF screenings. We will keep the agenda to a minimum and focus on getting to know new supporters.

Among the probable discussions will be a post morten on the screenings and discuss the ongoing plans for Zday. We should also have DVDs of Z:MF available for a suggested donation.


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