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Need Items for Ethanol Production

By darrel72 - Posted on 27 February 2011

Meet with Stan & Manny today about alternative fuels . I am Looking for a free to very cheap wood stove and some used waterheaters . The small short water heaters would work best.This kind of stuff is thrown away everday in this town , people often pay to have it taken away . Also any copper tubing would be useful . Thanks , trusting that the great white spirit meets these needs .  Darrel 503-643-2497

I recently got rid of one for a family member. It was a large one though. Someone responded to our craigslist post, came and got it at no cost to us. You might want to put a "Want" on craigslist for these, or even bright neighbor to see if anyone contacts you. At the very least you could scan the Free section to see if anyone has any.



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