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Coping with our society

By Lumena - Posted on 07 March 2011

I'm also new to TZM but not to Zeitgeist. After considering the Venus Project in depth and pondering our current state of affairs, I'm finding it hard to cope with everyday life. How can I carry on knowing what a lie I live in? How are you doing it? How are you focusing your energy and efforts?

It is difficult for me not to spout about what is on my mind to everyone, especially those who I care about. Being this direct is too much for most people. I have been participating in ZeitgeistPDX and some other progressive activist outlets to feel like I can do something. I know at a high level that I can not change the world, and that culture is a large fluid thing that has few handles to grab a hold of. As a parent I feel compelled to try to effect change in some way. The world is changing. What is appropriate and effective to do about it? This is what I continue to think about. It feels better to talk to other about it I guess.

same situation here. i was never good at dealing with people as a result of asperger's, but now it's compounded even more by all the things that i know. i simply can't shut up about it.

I guess one of the ways I look at it is that we have been traveling down this path for hundreds of years so it may take a bit to turn the tide the other way . And then on the other hand how much time do we have ? Look at events around the world and tell me we have time to "think about it "  Thinking time is just about coming to a close my friends , the consequences of our of our choices are pressing in all around us and instead of letting up I am certain they will increase . I am well on my way to manufacturing alcohol fuel to fuel my car and I will be planting even more garden area this spring . Educate , Act and be a general pain in the ass to your friends . If you saw a tidal wave coming would it be considered not polite to warn others .    Darrel

.Hi, first post for me here. I had to comment because I can relate. It
can be overwhelming for people to deal with a society that is completely
inverted from the nurturing and abundant vision that we have. What I
found to help me cope is to experience some kind of natural beauty. For
me it is surfing. Don't lose the awe of the natural processes that go on
despite the failings of the system we live in.


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