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Keeping The Momentum

By tynola96 - Posted on 17 May 2011

As new members to the group, my wife and I give a big hello to you all.  After finally getting the itch we've had in our minds & spirits for years scratched by discovering the Zeitgeist movies and groups, we're at that place so many probably have experienced after discovering a life-changing concept - WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYBODY?

A movement as radical as ours (yay, ours!) carries inherent tendencies to become somewhat isolated.  Who do you talk to about it?  Its scary being a noob, bursting with wanting to talk about what should be so obvious to everyone, when everyone you know is still blinded.  That's what makes these groups so absolutely necessary.  If you can't talk here, more importantly, if you can't see people talking here, how in the world are you going to get the courage to begin opening your own mouth outside shouting 'finally I see it! what a load of crap! lets burn the money, and start building the RBE now!' in your living room?  The whole point of a grass-roots movement is to communicate.

How come no one is using chat for daily informal dialogue?  How come online meeting places aren't (as far as I've seen so far) being utilized?  I see the group members listed, but I haven't met you yet.  If we're all about building communities - and I hope we are - where is the online neighbor welcoming newcomers with a digital casserole?  There is a great opportunity to effect immediate growth each time someone visits these sites.  There is an equal opportunity to lose an untold wealth of talent if the reception isn't vibrant, and inviting.

Hopefully, I'm ranting without cause, and we just haven't been around long enough to begin to make new friends here.   So this is me, Tyrone, and my wife Inola, together we're tynola96.  We're extending our hands in friendship, and our hearts in solidarity - Earnestly wanting to take part in this movement that has changed our lives, and awakened our souls.

Glad to see you here! Sorry if this website lacks interaction and clarity. While this website is an entry point to the group, it is currently not the place where the conversation seems to happen. At this point, most of the interaction happens on our google group here, and increasingly on facebook here. Our best community building really comes from our meetings. We have a monthly general meeting, documentary film night, a technology/learning focused meeting and other project specific meetings that are gaining some momentum. To add to the confusion, while we had several meetings in the last 2 weeks, we don't have any listed on our calendar right now, but a few will be up soon! Alas, I believe that you are a distance from Portland and unless you find yourselves up here often, you might not be making it to many of those. I can see the confusion about the visibility about what is going on and the lack of it on this site. I hope that you can make your way to the Google group or the facebook group and share the same info from above. You will find more activity there! -Cheers! 

Thanks waycooljr.  Yeah, we live in Eugene - we do make it up to Portland on occasion, and will plan on attending a monthly meeting in the near future.  We'll definitely camp out on googlegroups and see what's shakin'.  There doesn't seem to be much going on outside the PDX area, It would be nice to hear from anyone in Eugene/Springfield - hint, hint.  


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