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Technology Action Hands On - Urban Agriculture

By waycooljr - Posted on 07 June 2011

8305 Creekside Place, Suite C, Beaverton, OR 97008

We have a Tech Action Team meeting this weekend. Lori will be discussing various urban agriculture topics including passive hydroponics and briefly worm bags, composting, raised beds, natural pest control, non-gmo heirloom seed selection and more depending on interest. Then  we are going to get Hands-on with building a self watering growing container. (See materials list below if you want to play along.)

If people want to build the self watering container model I'll be demonstrating, they will need:
This stuff is approximately $10 at Lowe's, and if people go in together for zips and ABS tube, it will be cheaper. None of this stuff has to be exactly what is pictured, but the links give you a good idea. Please re-purpose old stuff before buying new!!!!!
If anyone has an extra drill with 1/4"-5/8" drill bits, heavy scissors or exacto/stanley knife, please bring to share with others.


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