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Artivist Film Festival in Seattle July 8th - 10th

By waycooljr - Posted on 10 June 2011

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The Seattle Zeitgeist Chapter is preparing to host the Artivist Film Festival! This year the Artivist Film Festival will be coming to 8 cities across the US; Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Sedona, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and they are thrilled to have been asked to produce the Film Festival in Seattle!

The Festival is to be held July 8-10 at Seattle’s premier independent cinema; the Northwest Film Forum located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood here.

Artivist is internationally known for working to bring important global issues to light, most prominently Human as well as Animal rights and Environmental sustainability. Artivist has been recognized by the UN for its dedication in bringing new films about these vital issues to the world’s public.

Our line up for the film festival will be as follows:

July 8th:   Child and Animal Advocacy films

July 9th:   Human Rights and Artivist Spirit award winners

July 10th: Environmental films and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

We are announcing a donation drive leading up to the Festival. We have to raise $940 total for the event and can offer a 501c3 tax write-off for donations. Once achieved, the festival is confirmed and all proceeds will go toward expenditures, we do not profit and will most likely take a loss overall between Green Festival and the Artivist Festival, but every dollar you give helps!

Read move on the Washington State Chapter Website:

If any Portland People want to make the trek up to see ZMF or even help with the event we have friends up there. Let us know and we can get in touch!


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