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Occupy Portland!

By waycooljr - Posted on 01 October 2011

Tom McCall Waterfront Park


The Global Zeitgeist Movement has issued a press release in support of the Occupy Wall Street efforts. Zeitgeist PDX would like to extend peaceful solidarity as well and provide information on how to participate in Portland.

Please visit for the latest details and information on guildelines for participating and how to help out. The Occupy Portland Facebook group is also a resource for connecting. Many supporters of ZeitgeistPDX are also supporters of this local effort and will be there in many capacities. If you would like to join with ZeitgeistPDX to make signs, paint faces, camp or what have you let us know!


This is to the post received from labordiger. I agree with everything you said. I am very interested in being an entrepenuer with you if you could forward a little more information on any ideas you have and maybe I myself to grwo on it or come up with some ideas of my own. In agreement I say everything is going to have to get worse to become better, even if that means going into another deep economic depression. Which means that if we follow thru with the zeitgeist movement ideas it should hurt big business worse than the little guy because all products that they would carry/have wouldn't be mass produced and our products would all be locally obtainable. So basically what we would be doing would be, starting another and better country for the people, inside another country(USA) while the larger more corrupt country would be falling apart around us, and the internal country would be ran the way the people want it too. So when the external countries internal workings come crashing down on the establishment, we the people would already have an established economy and secondary system to fall back on and the change over wouldn't be so diffucult or time consuming. I don't know if that sounds like a pipe dream to you but it sounds to me like it could work. Granted it would take a little bit to get structured and get rolling but I think once we have a system and idea in place to share with the rest of the country/world it won't take but the effort of the people to get ti working. Let me know what you think by emailing me or call me at five o three three six nine eight three one five. Looking forward to your response! and maybe we could get together with the occupy lead dogs and talk about this idea and maybe even the zeitgeist movement international. Talk at ya later man! God Bless!


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